Why did the USA – USSR alliance begin to break down in 1945?




Attended by Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, split Germany into 4 zones of occupation. It was also agreed that the USSR would permit free elections to set up new governments in the countries of eastern Europe that it had liberated. In practice the west accepted that eastern Europe would be a soviet sphere of influence. The main problem was Poland where Stalin wanted the pro - Soviet “  Lublin Poles” to take over. He also wanted to keep Polish territory seized after the Nazi- Soviet pact and to push the Polish frontier west. Roosevelt was reluctant to agree, but there was little the west could do in areas controlled by the Red Army. The conference agreed to set up the United Nations organisation.



Was attended by the new American President Harry Truman, by Stalin, and by the new British PM Clement Attlee. Truman was far more suspicious of Stalin than Roosevelt had ever been. He demanded that the USSR allow free elections in Eastern Europe, as promised at Yalta, but Stalin would not agree. Stalin also insisted that Germany should be crippled economically by severe reparations, and that the USSR should be allowed to take part in the occupation of Japan. Truman refused on both counts.

Some things were agreed :-

Division of Germany into 4 zones was agreed

Polands new border was fixed at the Oder -  Neisse Line

Germans living in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia would be sent back to Germany